2021 Mid-Year Update: 长滩 Multifamily Real Estate Market

In this 2021 Mid-year Market Update, we will cover:

  • How’s the multifamily real estate market in 长滩, California?
  • 四套公寓住宅楼市场统计数据
    • 的销售数量
    • 平均销售价格
    • 平均上市天数
    • 平均活跃的库存
  • Are mortgage interest rates going to remain low in 2021?
  • 驱逐令什么时候结束?
  • 我们是否正处于2007年那样的房地产泡沫中?
  • Advice for Real Estate Investors looking to 出售 or 九州bet9平台

四套公寓住宅楼市场统计数据 in 长滩, CA


2020年上半年: 33四套公寓住宅楼销售
2021年上半年: 63台四人台售出(+91%增长)

明智的建议: A massive increase of 91% in fourplex sales is a great indicator of a healthy market. We are certainly exceeding the amount of sales from last year, and are on track to sell over 100 (which is usually the annual average) fourplexes in 2021.


2020年上半年: $1,095,000
2021年上半年: 1238000美元增加(+ 13%)

明智的建议: 的 real estate market is still booming and there’s a lot of confidence in the economy.


2020年上半年: 18天
2021年上半年: 30天(+66%增加)

明智的建议: It’s not concerning that properties are taking longer to sell. This is most likely caused by the massive increase of apartment buildings being listed on the market. A larger pool of buyers with an average of 30 days on market is still a good indicator.


2020年上半年: 37四套公寓住宅楼
2021年上半年: 21日四套公寓住宅楼

明智的建议: This metric is an important indicator of the market’s health for buyers and sellers. 的re are less options to choose from in the market, which signals that there is a lot of movement going on. 的re is excitement and confidence in the economy.


绝对不是! We are not in a real estate bubble and we are not going to experience a real estate market crash. Apartment owners and real estate investors have tremendous equity with their properties, and people are getting legitimate loans which is the opposite of what happened in 2007.

Are mortgage interest rates going to remain low in 2021?

Our trusted sources are telling us that mortgage interest rates are going to remain low until the end of 2021, and quite possible until early 2022 (but there’s no guarantee). We advise that you take advantage of these low interest rates and invest in real estate during 2021.


的 Eviction Moratorium was recently extended until September 30, 2021. Although the Eviction Moratorium has been heavily affecting certain landlords and is over-extended past its necessity, the numbers are telling us that it hasn’t been significantly affecting the multifamily real estate market in 长滩, CA.

Advice for Real Estate Investors looking to 出售 or 九州bet9平台

For apartment owners who want to time the market to sell their property: Your property has never been worth more than ever before. More properties are selling than ever before, and there is less competition. 的 numbers are telling us that this is the perfect time to 把你的房产出售.

For real estate investors who want to buy a property: 加州住房危机 will not be simply solved in 10, 20, or even 30 years. 所以当你投资房地产时, you’re investing in a scarce business that has demand right now and well into the future. This demand is what drives a property’s appreciation and allows real estate investors to build wealth, 财务自由, 最终有一天退休.

If you’re still waiting until prices go down, you’re going to be waiting for a very long time. You need to capitalize on the low mortgage interest rates, which counts as your Cost of Capital. 你等得越久, the longer you’re preventing yourself from getting in the game and building wealth through real estate.

开始你的 search for investment properties in 长滩, CA.